Northern Maine Antique Tractor Club

THANK YOU to all members of the Northern Maine Antique Tractor Club. At their November 5th Annual Banquet and Auction, they presented the Aroostook Hospice Foundation with a $1,000 donation. In the past three years, the NMATC has raised $3,465 for the AROOSTOOK ‘House of Comfort’ project….hospice care is near and dear to their hearts.

This wonderful group consists of over 300 members who are dedicated to promoting our Agricultural Heritage & History in Aroostook County. Their membership includes individuals from Fort Kent to Southern Maine, as well as New Brunswick, Canada.

As these dedicated members make their annual memorial tractor trek, they make numerous and long-lasting friendships with the many people they encounter along the way. Their antique tractors demonstrate the history of the tractors and how they have evolved over time. This is such a great group of individuals who help educate our youth on the history of agriculture in Aroostook County, while raising funds to support the needs of their communities. As they approach each community along their journey, people of all ages welcome them as they stand along the roadside waving and watching as they parade by with their numerous antique tractors.

Each year NMATC raises funds by restoring a tractor and raffling it off by selling tickets wherever they go. Some of the events include their annual memorial tractor trek, plow days, trade fairs, along with family and community events. Much of the funds that they raised have been to support Hospice of Aroostook; AROOSTOOK ‘House of Comfort’; scholarships; and C-A-N-C-E-R, a local group of caring individuals who give support to many in Aroostook County who are battling cancer.

The next time you see someone from NMATC be sure to thank them for all they do for the people living in Aroostook County.

We sincerely appreciate their hard work and support of the AHOC project.

2-nmatc-donationRepresenting Aroostook Hospice Foundation: Mike MacPherson, Vice Chair; Carol MacPherson, Treasurer; Nancy Duncan, BOD; and Rick Duncan, Chairman. Representing Northern Maine Antique Tractor is Tom Berube, VP and Sandra Bartley, Treasurer.

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