Joanne M. Fortin, RN


July 9, 2012


Dear Mr. Duncan;


Northern Maine Medical Center is so pleased to learn of the work that you are doing to build a hospice house in Aroostook County. So often, end of life care is not given the emphasis it deserves.


I have experienced personally the benefits of a hospice house. A couple of years ago my Father was cared for in the Auburn Hospice House where specially trained staff attended to his every need to support the highest quality of care during his last few days of life. It took so much pressure off of my Mom to be able to focus her energy into just being present rather than dealing with the exhaustion of being the primary caregiver.


The patient —family centered care provided by such an environment is vital to providing peace and dignity for the patient as well as a healing environment for the family and friends. Although hospitals provide an important aspect of healing and palliative care, it is not always able to offer the environment of privacy and a home- based atmosphere.


On behalf of Northern Maine Medical Center, I commend you for the efforts you have put forth toward achieving this goal. I can assure you that you have our support for this noble endeavor.


Joanne M. Fortin, RN
Clinical Services Director
Northern Maine Medical Center