Our Background

The Aroostook Hospice Foundation, Inc. is an organization of volunteers dedicated to bringing a free-standing hospice house to Aroostook County in the next four to five years.

The AROOSTOOK ‘House of Comfort’ will support and care for the terminally ill patient, their family and friends in a homelike environment. The goal is to ensure the patient has quality time in an atmosphere of peace, comfort, hope, compassion and tranquility. A team approach of hospice professionals consisting of physicians, nurses, home-health aides, social workers, chaplains, bereavement staff and volunteers will work with the patient and their family to customize and follow a plan that reflects the patient’s needs and wishes.

The focus of hospice relies on the belief that each of us has the right to die pain-free and with dignity, and that our loved ones will receive the necessary support to allow us to do so. Considered to be the model for compassionate care for people facing a life-limiting illness or injury, hospice and palliative care involve a team-oriented approach to expert medical care, pain management, and emotional and spiritual support expressly tailored to the person’s needs and wishes. Support is provided to the person’s loved ones as well.

Hospice care generally allows the patient to remain at home for as long as possible by providing support to the patient and family, and by keeping the patient as comfortable as possible while maintaining his or her dignity and quality of life.

Unfortunately in-home hospice care isn’t always a viable option for the terminally ill patient because:

  • There is no extended family member locally who can become the primary caregiver.
  • The caregiver has to work or has other family obligations and needs to be supported or provided a respite.
    The patient’s caregiver is frail, elderly or has a medical condition that prevents them from being able to sustain the demanding 24-hour care necessary.
  • The patient’s symptoms change or deteriorate and a more active 24-hour intervention is required.
  • The patient has no home.

When in-home hospice is not available or is no longer practical, the AROOSTOOK ‘House of Comfort’ will fill the need and provide a homelike environment for the terminally ill patient and their family right here in Aroostook County.