Capital Costs

Through a major capital campaign, we are committed to raising a minimum of $2.54 million to build and support a permanent home which each year will serve an estimated 42 to 63 patients needing comprehensive end-of-life care.

Capital Costs: $1,825,000

$1,600,000          Initial estimates have placed the cost of constructing the facility at $1.6 million.

Furnishings and Equipment
$225,000             While every effort will be made to seek cost-effective ways to furnish the facility, we are committed to making the final product a beautiful, welcoming, accessible and efficient homelike environment. As such, much care will be taken to ensure the most appropriate furnishings and equipment are installed in order to complement the quality and type of care being provided.

Soft Costs: $615,000

Site Work and Design
$330,000                Site development work, permits, architectural services and landscaping will add to the construction costs.

Contingency Reserve
$190,000                 construction and equipment cost overruns will be budgeted at 10% of total building costs and placed in a contingency reserve fund.

Fundraising Expenses
$95,000                Fundraising expenses are expected to amount to less than five cents on each dollar raised during the campaign. These include consulting fees, materials and publicity.

Endowment: $100,000

Starting an Endowment
$100,000            As wonderful as hospice care is, it represents a very expensive level of care. Unreimbursed costs for care not covered by patients could be supported by the endowment. This seed funding will get the endowment started, and future bequests received will be added to the endowment fund.