Naming Opportunities

In addition to naming this state-of-the-art healthcare facility, donors are provided an opportunity to create a lasting legacy by proudly displaying their name or permanently recognizing and memorializing a loved one.

Art  –   17  NAMED –  There will be a fine assortment of art throughout the facility to enhance the visual, emotional and spiritual support to patients and loved ones.    Barbara Foster in Memory of Fred Norris(1); Care & Comfort (1);  Lois Dickson (2);   Bob & Karen Hilt (3);  John Mullen, MD (1);  Art Thompson (1);  Carl & Paula Flora (2); anonymous in Private Meeting Room (2); Maine Agri-Women (1); Sharon & Dirk Duncan (1); Dr. David Jones (1); Martin Gallant (1);

Building   $1,000,000  –  This inpatient facility will offer the highest level of inpatient hospice and palliative care including therapeutic, social, emotional, spiritual and grief support.

Chapel (1)   $100,000  –  NAMED   
The nondenominational chapel will offer a serene location for families to draw strength and comfort from their faith and each other.   by Mike & Carol MacPherson

Chapel – Outside Chapel Sitting Area (1) $5,000

Chapel  $60,000 – Stained Glass Window   (donated by Diocese of Portland) 

Children’s Playroom/Logan’s Room (1)  $100,000  –  NAMED –   This room will dedicate space for activities that are enjoyed by young and old, patient or loved one. It will feature an art center, building blocks, video gaming nook (with headphones), TVs and comfortable seating.   In memory of our beloved son, Logan Graves, by Bob and Lynne Graves.

Clean Linen Supply Room (1)   $5,000

Comfort Food $25,000  (on-going fund)NAMED    Mary Bergen, in memory of husband, William Bergen, D.O.

Family Kitchen  (1)   $50,000
The Family Dining Area will be a welcoming and frequently visited space with dining and food preparation facilities for families who wish to share home cooked meals together.

Family Dinning Area (1)   $50,000   As family and visitors visit the dinning area they will see your thoughtful and much appreciated donation.

Family Kitchen Pantry & Food Prep Area  (1)  $5,000    by Aroostook County Homemakers Extension, Spragueville Homemakers Extension, Ned & Mona Cyr, Dean & Carmen Wiggins, and Peggy Woodman and Family. 

Family Living Room (1)   $100,000  NAMED –  The Family Living Room will offer a homelike environment featuring a fireplace for patients, families and visitors to gather, rest, receive visitors, and make the most of their times together.   In loving memory of Maxine M. Duncan by her family, friends and Grant Memorial Church Family.

Family Living Room Furniture – (1)  $3,000  –  NAMED   by Plourde Furniture

Family Living Room Library $5,000  – NAMED    by County Federal Credit Union

Fireplace – Family Living Room Fireplace (1)  $10,000  – NAMED   In memory of Roger H. Hunter by his family

Fireplace –  Large Private Meeting Room Fireplace (1)  $7,500  – NAMED   by Mike & Patty Young

Flag Poles (3)   $1,000 ea –  NAMED –  This is an opportunity to display patriotism, while creating a legacy.    In memory of Arnold Davis by Joyce Davis (1)Betty Rinehart (1); In honor of Ralph LaPointe by Martha LaPointe

Gardens – Brick in Walk Way  $1,000 lg,  $500 med,  $250 sm  –   
The Memorial Garden walkway will contain memorial bricks to allow families to memorialize loved ones or proudly display a family name to demonstrate their love and support for the AROOSTOOK ‘House of Comfort’.   Large: Barbara Foster (1);  Bob & Karen Hilt (3);  Frank & Pam Hallett (1); N. Christopher Kelley (2);  Medium:  Philip & Delores Beals (1);  Edwena Whited (1);  Small:  Floyd & Barbara Ledger Family

Gardens – Front Porch Garden (1)  $5,000 – NAMED –  In memory of and honor off our families by Martha & Ralph LaPointe

Gardens Memorial Benches (6)   $7,500  –  1 Named  –  These hand-crafted benches will provide patients, families, and visitors an opportunity to sit and enjoy the beautiful and peaceful surrounding.   by Brian & Dianne Ketchum

Gardens – Memorial Garden (1)   $16,000  –  NAMED  –   This beautiful garden will allow everyone an opportunity to relax and sort through their thoughts as they enjoy the serene beauty of the garden, birds, and nature.   by Dave & Jennifer Whitaker

Gardens – Memorial Fountain (1) – NAMED   by Hews Family

Gardens – Miniature Suite Gardens (6)  $2,000 ea –  Each suite will have a beautiful garden to view through their window.  It will be a means of peace, comfort, and beauty for patients and their families.

Gardens – Porch Garden  $5,000  –  This garden will be a main focal point to all visitors to the hospice house.  The beauty of the house begins on the outside.  A wonderful naming opportunity.

Gazebo/Meditation Area (1)   $100,000   – NAMED –   The campus will feature a gazebo located among the gardens and grounds for a private, serene resting spot for families.

Greeting Area (1) – $15,000  – This highly visible area will be where our friendly volunteers will welcome visitors to the hospice home.

Greeting Area Furniture (1) $5,000  –  NAMED   by Larry & Anne LaPlante

Hallway – North Hallway (1)  $1,000

Hallway – Main Hallway (1)   $10,000 each

Hallway – Service & Staff Hallway (1)  $7,500

Housekeeping Supply Room (1)   $1,000

IT / IS Room (1)  $20,000 –  NAMED  by MMG Insurance Company 

Laundry (family) Room  (1)  $2,500

Medical Administration Office (1)  $25,000  –  NAMED    This office will be used by staff and volunteers on a daily basis as care and comfort are coordinated for each patient.    In memory of  Bill and Peggy Smythe.

Medical Staff Break Room (1)  $10,000 –

Medical Staff Showers/Lockers Rooms (1)  $5,000

Medical Supply Room/Pharmaceuticals (1)  $5,000 – NAMED    This area of the hospice house will be for storage and dispensing of the medications and medical supplies necessary for the comfort of the patients.    by Northern Maine Community College Nursing Students

Meeting Room – Large Private Meeting Room (1)  $75,000 –  NAMED    by Joyce & Arnie Davis Family

Meeting Room Small Private Family Meeting Room  (1)   $25,000  –  NAMED    by Ray & Sandy Gauvin

Nurses Office (1)  $15,000  – NAMED  –  This private area, just off the nurses station, is an area where nurses can discuss the comfort and care of the patients.   by Janet Durgin

Nurses Station (1)  $25,000  –  NAMED   –  This prominent area is the hub of activity for the specially trained professional and volunteer staff that will care for patients and their families.    by Rollan & Betty Walker

Oxygen Room (1)  $10,000 –

Patient Suites (6)   $100,000 each
Each patient suite will have a bed and comfort area for the patient and also provide an area for family seating with a sleeper sofa, and private bath with shower.

Patient Wings (2)   $500,000 each – NAMED – 1 named
Each wing of the AROOSTOOK ‘House of Comfort’ will contain patient suites and overnight accommodations for a loved one who wishes to share precious moments.

Porch – Front Porch/Entrance (1)  $10,000 

Porch – Front Porch/Entrance Vestibule (1)  $5,000 –  NAMED –   In Loving Memory of Dwight D. Wilcox by Gloria, Monica, Mark, Michelle & Families.

Sitting Areas  (5)  2-Large $10,000-NAMED,  2-Medium $5,000, and  1-Small $2,5000 ea   – These sitting areas will be located directly across from each room.  It is an area where family and friends can have privacy outside of the patient’s room.    Large:  by United Insurance Group (1);  in loving memory of Don & Betty Cassidy by their children Don, Joe, Bethany & Family (1);  Medium:    Small:

Trails – Natures Trail Pathway (1)  $50,000

Tree of Life Leaf  (30)   $2,000 each  –   4  Named (Butterflies) –  Please choose one of our icons (house, heart, or butterfly) that will be proudly displayed on our Tree Wall.    Renee Fournier (1); Betty Rinehart (2); by Mark & Cathy Simonson (1);

Trees   $500  – 4 Named  –    A tree stands tall for everyone to enjoy its beauty from near and afar.  Robert & Nanette (Kelley) Balliot (1);  Lunar Chapter #126 OES  (1); Maine Harley Owners Group-Aroostook County Chapter (1); Marilyn MacDonald & Family in memory of Marty MacDonald

Utility Room (heating system)   $20,000 

Utility Room (Soiled Utility Room) (1)   $2,500

Vestibule (1) – Staff /Service Vestibule $5,000     

Naming opportunities are subject to approval and acceptance by the AROOSTOOK ‘House of Comfort’ Board of Directors.

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