Contractor for AHOC

A & L Construction, Inc. is sincerely honored to be chosen to construct the ‘House of Comfort’ facility in Presque Isle.  There is a definite need for this type of facility in Aroostook County.  We have first-hand experience of what this hospice care means to someone.  We had a very dear friend who passed away three years ago with cancer.  He had hospice care at home until his health declined to the point where he was taken to a hospice facility in southern Maine.  We were fortunate to be able to visit with him at the facility.  The entire atmosphere from the time you walked in until you left was simply amazing.  There was a sense of calm about everyone with whom you came in contact.  The employees were all dedicated to not only caring for their patients but the patients’ family members and friends.  It truly was a home away from home at a very sad point in one’s life.  The compassionate care given allowed the patients to spend their last days with dignity and peace of mind.  This ‘House of Comfort’ will service a void in the needs of terminally ill patients and their families in Aroostook County.  Sincere thanks to all the hardworking individuals who saw the need and took the initiative to make this building happen.  Again, we are truly privileged to be a part of the team to make this dream a reality.
Marilyn & Rick Nadeau

Golf Tournament 2016

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Tournament Sponsors

The AROOSTOOK ’House of Comfort’ Hospice Foundation thanks you for your generous support. As a sponsor of the tournament, you can take pride in knowing you have played an important role in helping this much needed hospice and palliative care facility become a reality for the families of Aroostook County. Your decision to join us in supporting this campaign is deeply appreciated.