"We are all just walking each other home." -Ram Dass

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Donations and support help us to:

  • Give a much-needed resource to a community that is spread over 6,828 square miles, making travel sometimes lengthy and expensive.
  • Provide services that benefit our aging population and those who live alone or with an ailing loved one.
  • Allow for 24-hour care by a local experienced Medicare-certified hospice care agency.

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2020 Aroostook House of Comfort Donors

(updated 07/07/2020)

Alice Lyons

Alisa Rosi-Carney

Alstede Farms, LLC.

Althea K. Sweeney

Alton & Deborah Gustin

Alton & Sharon Hedstrom

AmazonSmile Foundation

Amelia Stevens

Annette Roope

Aroostook Aspirations Initiative

Ashland Area Senior Citizens

Bangor Truck & Trailer Sales, Inc.

Barbara Beaulieu

Barbara McCrum

Barbara Porter

Berry Dunn, McNeil & Parker, LLC

Betty Wright

Bob & Maureen Armstrong

Bob & Vicki McCurry

Breen & Joanne Bell

Brian & Marie Bell

Caldon Cushman

Caribou Day Home Extension

Carolyn Kelley

Charlotte Shaw

Chris & Andrea Hallett

Christine McPherson

Christopher Malm

Claudene L. Brown

Claudia Hitchings

Cynthia McPherson

Cynthia Peters

Daigle Oil Company

Dale & Doreen Giberson

Dan & Barb Ladner

Daniel & Linda Sharp

Darlene Grass & Cheryl Grass

Darrell & Marilyn Chandler

Darren & Carol West

Dave & Roberta Griffiths

David & Cathie Farnum

David & Penny Lamoreau

David & Sno Barry

Davis Forestry Products, Inc.

Debra White

Deena Albert Parks

Derrick Mosher

Deschene Family

Don, Alice Chandler & Family

Donna Holbrook

Dorothy Maynard

Douglas & Joann Pelkey

Dr. Janet Allen - Paula Carson

Duncan Graves Funeral Home & Lancaster

Eastern Aroostook RSU 39 Board of

Easton School System

Education & Administrative Team

Edward & Beth Simmons

Elaine DesLette

Elise Kabelitz

Ellen Helstrom

Elwin Gamblin & Donna Sullivan

Emera Maine

Ernest & Pamela Trafton

Etta Davenport

Eva Wells

F.A. Peabody Company

Family of Charles Mahoney 

Family of Dale Barker

Family of Frederick Osgood

Farm Credit East

Felch & Company, LLC.

Forks of Elkhorn Encouragers Sunday


Francis & Gail Feichtner

Frank & Darrylin Keenan

Frank & Pam Hallett

Frederick Morton


Gail Clukey

Gale Anderson

Galen & Betty Thompson

Galen & Rebecca McCrum

Galen A. Rockwell

Garth & Pamela Duff

Gary & Barb Clark

Gaylon & Wanda Giggie

George & Faith Montee

George & Jean Davis

Gerald & Helen Bagley

Gerald Landru

Gloria Sheffield & Leo Corriveau

Gloria Wilcox

Graves Shop n' Save

Greg & Becky Graves

Greg & Eileen Porter

Gregory & Rebecca Graves

Hayes & Linda Gahagan

Helen McConnell

High School

I.B.E.W. Telephone Div.

Irish Setter Pub

Jacqueline Devoe

James W. Nichols

Jane Humphrey

Jeannie Giberson, Cliff Young & Molly Young

Jeffrey & Dorothea Smith

Jeffrey & Geralyn Dyer

Jeffrey & Katheryn Larsen

Jim & Barbara Wihlborg

Jim & Sharon Brown

Joan F. Russell

Joseph Arsenault

Joyce F. Leonard

Judith Bailey

Judith Kenney

Judy Dube

Justin Gray

Karen Duncan

Kathryn Olmstead

Keith & Camilla Hayward

Keith Bell

Kenneth & Jeanette Peters

Kenneth & Lois Griffin

Kenneth Quirion

Kevin & Paula Giles

KeyBank Foundation Your Cause, LLC.

KFC/TACO BELL - Derik Smith

Kimberley Karchenes

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Louis Leavitt

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Madawaska High School Class of 1969


Maine Farmers Exchange

Maine Quick Silver Basketball Team

Maine School Admin. District No. 1

Maine Senior Women's Basketball

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Mrs. Donald Collins


MSAD#1 Activities Acct.

Muriel L. Johnson

Muriel Mosher

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Nancy Richardson Magee, John

Norman & Ellen Trask

Norman & Margaret Johnson

Northeast Packaging Company

Northern Maine Development

Otis May

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Pamela Xerri

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The Eaton Family

The Family of Norman Grant

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Thomas E. Houghton

Thompson-Hamel, LLC.

Tim Brewer & Toby Adelman

Todd & Kristy Grimm

Todd Skillin

Tom & Joyce Trafford

Tom & Joyce Trafford

Town of Madawaska School Dept.

United Insurance - Hayden/Perry Agency

VC Print

Vernon & Nancy Gettig

VFW Auxillary Post 9699

Vincent & Katherine Bernier

Wadsworth Family Foundation

Wanda R. Passero

William & Maria Flannery

William & Maria Flannery Foundation

William Harwood

Special Donations

"The greatest good is what we do for one another."  - Mother Teresa

Blanket Warmer Donation

In Memory of Joyce Davis


The children of Joyce and Arnold Davis are honored to donate a blanket warmer to the Aroostook House of Comfort in memory of our mother. Mom and Dad were supporters of the House of Comfort from the time it was first conceived over a decade ago. Since Mom was an oncology nurse for four decades, she had many interactions with patients and their families who had to navigate end-of-life care. She also had first-hand experience with Dad while he was in hospice home care for the last months of this life. Professionally and personally, she understood the need for a residential hospice facility in Aroostook County that would provide around-the-clock nursing care for patients, freeing family members from the role of caregiver and allowing them to focus on the patient’s need for loving support. Mom knew the comfort patients experience from a warm hug.  he gave hugs frequently to her patients and others she loved and cared for. In the last few years of her life, Mom had several emergency room and hospital visits.  When the nursing staff put a warm blanket over her, she would often comment that it felt so good—like a warm hug. When we heard that the Aroostook House of Comfort needed a blanket warmer, we knew it would be what Mom would want them to have for the patients and family members they serve—an abundance of warm hugs. 


In loving memory of our mother,

Susan Davis George, Robert Davis, Stephen Davis



Generous donation will support critical hospice need in Aroostook County.


The Aroostook Hospice Foundation (AHF), in continuing fundraising efforts for the Aroostook House of Comfort, is pleased to announce a major charitable contribution from a Presque Isle native, Mary Barton Akeley Smith. This generous donation made in memory of her late husband, Rodney Smith, was made possible in part by a grant from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. It will help support our facility or “house” where patients receive hospice services and continue its impact by ensuring that the Aroostook House of Comfort’s model of care is available for years to come.


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