We are all just walking each other home. - Ram Dass

Who Provides Care at the Aroostook House of Comfort


Northern Light Home Care & Hospice, a local Medicare-certified agency, administers hands-on hospice care. The Aroostook House of Comfort and Northern Light Home Care & Hospice collaborate to provide individuals and their loved one’s compassionate care, comfort, dignity, and support on their journey through hospice.


Hospice Circle of Care


This hospice care team surrounds the patient and family with a “circle of care” consisting of a hospice physician, nurses, social workers, healthcare aides, spiritual care coordinator, bereavement support counselor, and trained volunteers, as well as a primary care physician or specialist. This approach ensures the decision-making process includes the patient and family, allowing greater control over their care.

Hospice Medical Director

Consults with other physicians and leads the hospice team in the development of an individualized plan of care.

Hospice Care Aides
Attending Physician
Social Worker
Spiritual Counselor

Meet the Hospice Care Team

The people who offer a hand to hold and a heart to understand.

Gail Phair-Kirk

Northern Light Home Care & Hospice, Hospice Manager

Robin Haynes

Northern Light Home Care & Hospice, Volunteer Coordinator

George McLaughlin

Northern Light Home Care & Hospice, Hospice Chaplain/Spiritual Counselor


Compassion & Guidance

Hospice Services


The hospice care team, the patient, and the family come together to create a plan of care that includes medical and support services. The services provided at the Aroostook House of Comfort are general inpatient care and inpatient respite care.




Amenities include a private patient suite, access to a living room and sitting areas, fully equipped kitchen, dining area, children’s playroom, laundry room, conference room, chapel and meditation room, gardens, and a large gazebo, as well as several outdoor seating areas.

Our Foundation


The Aroostook Hospice Foundation, is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Their mission is to raise hospice care awareness, charity care funds, and secure the long-term existence of the Aroostook House of Comfort.



What People Say About Us

“Once Jim was admitted to the Aroostook House of Comfort, we both felt like a huge weight had literally been lifted off our shoulders. These angels on earth efficiently, compassionately, and lovingly allowed me to be Jim's wife rather than his primary caregiver. The doctors, nurses, aides, and volunteers took care of both of us. They also understood the importance of visitors, family, friends, and even our Golden Retriever Teddy. We were all treated with dignity and allowed to say goodbye as we lost Jim. There was no judgment and I now think of many of the staff as friends. I have many stories to tell but suffice it to say that I will forever be indebted to the Aroostook House of Comfort.” 


Rosalie Dwyer 

“We have a great appreciation for the staff, service, and care provided to our father and our entire family during his stay at the Aroostook House of Comfort. They were easy to work with and took care of every detail so that we could spend our father's final days together as a family. The AHOC staff is kind, compassionate, and cared for our father and all of us with dignity and respect. AHOC provided care for our family well beyond the passing of our father. We cannot thank them enough for what they did for us.”





Jeff Clockedile 

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