We are all just walking each other home. - Ram Dass

Hospice Volunteers


Hospice volunteers play a vital part in the “circle of care” at the Aroostook House of Comfort by connecting the patient and family to the rest of the hospice care team. They have a positive impact on the patients, caregivers, and families they serve while gaining a greater appreciation for life and a sense of fulfillment in contributing to their local community. Our volunteers come from different backgrounds and bring unique qualities, skills, and diverse life experiences. Yet, everyone at the Aroostook House of Comfort is united by a passion for making a difference through deep personal connection, thoughtful words, and supportive actions helping each patient, family, and caregiver through their hospice journey.


Becoming a Hospice Volunteer

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." - Mahatma Gandhi

Types of Volunteering


There are many ways volunteers lend their time to hospice care through direct care or special projects (indirect care). Whether providing support directly to patients, families, or caregivers or assisting with administrative or fundraising duties, each volunteer can put their talents to best use. 




Getting Started


For those seeking to volunteer at the Aroostook House of Comfort, the first step is to fill out an application by downloading the form below. The volunteer training is provided by Northern Light Home Care & Hospice, it is required that volunteers consent to Bureau of Motor Vehicle and criminal background check, health screening, mandatory vaccinations, and commit 2-4 hours per week once training is complete.


Volunteer Training


Becoming a hospice volunteer can feel like a big step, but we are here to support all volunteers through engaging training and continued support as you grow and learn in your role. The volunteer training is provided by Northern Light Home Care & Hospice, our Medicare-certified hospice care provider, which consists of class time one day per week for two hours over six weeks and home-study assignments.


Volunteer Stories & Testimonials

Chris Standefer, Hospice Volunteer

"With my friend’s encouragement and my study, I decided to apply for volunteer work at the Aroostook House of Comfort. I was accepted and started the training. After the first night, I realized that my perception of the hospice experience was changing, and I was excited to learn more. Throughout the training sessions, I began to feel more comfortable, and by the end of the formal training, I knew I had made a good choice for volunteer service, and it is a decision that I have never regretted."




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Suzanne Hews, Hospice Volunteer

"I chose to be a hospice volunteer because I have personally seen how hospice is such a strong support service for caregivers. In-home hospice helped my father and mother during my father's final days. My son-in-law and mother-in-law also were supported through in-home services, and while those days were not easy ones for their caregivers, it was comforting to know that the support staff was only a phone call away. When I learned that Aroostook House of Comfort would be welcoming volunteers, I knew that this was an organization I wanted to be part of. "


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Phyllis Robichaud, Hospice Volunteer

"Cooking, errands, lending an ear, or just sitting with a patient can help the patient and family. It is important for our community to have a place where they will get the care they need. Volunteers take the burden off family so they get respite and can spend time with their loved one and just be a family. The Aroostook House of Comfort makes this possible."


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Art Mayo, Hospice Volunteer

"Someone once said that 'love' is not some emotion over another, but rather the service one can provide to another. What better way to 'love' another than through hospice? Besides, this person also said, 'You get to heaven on the arms of people you have helped.'"  




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If you have questions about becoming a hospice volunteer or need more information, please fill out the form below. 

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